Holland Export House

Holland Export House

Cross-culture trading made easy!

Dutch market conditions force companies to comply with strict regulations, high quality demands and excellent customer services. It’s a tough market  so if your products are wanted here they will likely be wanted in other countries as well.

Our platform helps successful Dutch companies to quickly assess whether their product or services would be welcomed abroad and facilitates the entry into new markets.

Our internal and extended team consists of market researchers, culturally aware brand managers, multilingual business relationship managers and regulatory experts to ensure we can guide you every step of the way. We know how to avoid the common pitfalls and have helped many companies navigate their first years into new markets.

What value do we offer?

Starting an exporting venture within your company is challenging, while you don’t need to actually setup office in another country you do need to take just about every other step needed to setup a new business. Internal senior management support is vital as the first year typically comes at a serious investment in learning about regulations, complying with local customer needs and effort and time towards fostering relationships with customers or local distributors.

At Holland Export House we help you minimize the risk of losing that investment by setting up a clear road to market, helping you navigate regulations and helping you understand the nuances of customer habits, expectations and business relationships abroad.

Market research

Discover new opportunities with our market research services designed for businesses entering global markets. Our analysis helps businesses understand challenges and advantages, guiding them to make smart choices.

Localised marketing

We tailor advertising and SEO strategies for a seamless connection. Let us enhance your global marketing approach, highlighting the unique aspects of your offerings for diverse markets and ensuring strong connections with your audience.


Our global matchmaking hub links Dutch and overseas businesses for great trade. Join us in shaping international trade by forming lasting partnerships. Boost your business by connecting with the right partners and exploring the endless opportunities of global trade.

Export readiness check

Team up with us for a thorough Export Readiness Check and step confidently into your global business journey. Our checks cover everything to ensure you're fully prepared and our experts guide you through potential challenges, fine-tuning your strategy for success.

Translation services

Avoid the pitfalls of verbatim translation without cultural sensitivity: a misstep that can lead to misunderstandings or unintended offense. Partner with us to elevate your B2B communications, ensuring clarity, respect, and success in international business ventures.

Are your ready?

Are you ready to explore exporting your products globally? Our quick questionnaire helps you figure out if you’re all set. Just answer a few simple questions about your business, and we’ll provide tips tailored to your needs. It’s a roadmap for success in international markets.

Let’s get started on this journey together!

Interesting export countries

Interesting export countries

Who we are

Imagine this, you see an opportunity to sell dozens of units in foreign markets, the demand is there. Your prices seem to be accepted and your quality far exceeds the current competition. It seems to be a perfect venture. Yet, after a year of trying you end up frustrated and in argument with partners and clients, wondering why they just don’t seem to get it. These kind of stories are common and could have often turned out differently.

When it comes to cultural differences, awareness and the right level of expectation management can make the difference between failed and very successful business ventures.s

Du Lin

Business Relationship Manager
(MSC) Cross-cultural Psychology

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