Holland Export House


Throughout the Netherlands healthcare has experienced an increase in elderly care and a decrease in availability of trained staff to cover this demand. With the quality of the healthcare system in jeopardy, many technology companies in the Netherlands have worked on sensor technology, self monitoring and remote care systems to maintain a good quality of care from a distance from the doctors office or clinic. While we have a seen a great increase in solutions entering the market from Dutch developers and organizations, the market in the Netherlands has proven difficult as these type of solutions would need to paid through insured care and thus accepted by the insurance companies. At Holland Export house we have been wondering, why not bring these solutions abroad? Many other countries face much larger distances between doctor’s posts or clinics, on top of that countries like China and Japan are facing a large wave of elderly citizens that will make demand for care skyrocket.

Spotting opportunities like this and providing the right tools to act upon them is what we do.

Are you an E-Health provider and does the above spark your interest? Then reach out to us via email.

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