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In the last few years our team has been working on some specific sectors that show particular promise for Dutch companies. The Dutch MedTech sector is one with stringent regulations on reliability, privacy and quality. Aside from that it is not uncommon for a ready to-go product in the Netherlands to still need to wait for four to six years to gain the necessary certifications through piloting and trials before it can start profiting from its business model.

While its a tough market to succeed in, the market demand here is a comfort for other countries. Solutions may not yet have all the necessary certifications for compliance in the Dutch market are already complying and often exceed the regulations of countries like the United states, South Africa or China. It could be a perfect match, yet many MedTech companies fail in their export endeavors after their first year because relationships with distributors or clients turn cold or sour through miscommunication, misaligned expectations or distrust.

At Holland Export House we plan to make the difference and have developed a step-by-step approach to translate a good match into a strong relationship and a long term profitable business model. By focusing on early risk detection, using each other’s expectation and goals as a base for the relationship and spending some extra time in understanding the cultural differences at play, we manage to make exporting a rewarding new venture.

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